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Critical Heals skill icon.jpg

Class: Medic

Required Level: 12


Your heals have a 5.0% chance to critically heal, also when they do critically heal they apply a HoT(Heal over Time) for 20.0% of heal over 6 seconds. (Level 1)

Skill Effects[]

  • Passive skill.
  • Increases the chance for a Medic to critically heal their target.
  • A Critical Heal will now "Heal over Time" (HoT) for 6.0 seconds.


  • Increasing the skill's level will improve the chance of a Critical Heal by 2% per level.
  • Increasing the skill's level will improve the amount of HoT done by 10.0 per level.
  • Adding skill points does not increase the duration of the HoT effect.
  • The HoT will be apparent in your buffs bar.

Critical Heals HoT icon.jpg
The HoT icon for Critical Heals.