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There are a number of shops scattered throughout the world of Fantasy Tales Online. These shops sell potions, weapons, armor and more. The vast majority of armor and weapons in NPC shops will be default white rarity with no modifiers but there are some exceptions. Here is a list of what you can expect to find in each shop and where they're located.

Bluevale Shops[]

Folmar- Sells Weapons ranging from level 1 to level 15

Armor Dealer- Sells armor ranging form level 1 to level 15

Odin- Sells house workbench and respec tokens.

Shop Keeper- Sells potions, serums and herbs.

Winterfront Village Shops[]

Weapons Dealer- Sells weapons ranging from level 10 to level 20

Cauldron City Shops[]
Adventurer's Guild Shops[]

(Note, completion the entry exam quest is required to access these shops)