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Description: The Goblin by the name of Crank has threatened to eat your legs if you dont go and slay some Wolves and Trolls for him as he is hungry. He would also like you to light his fire so he can get to cooking them right away. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Slay: Frost Wolf (5), Ice Troll (5) & Light Cranks campfire

Rewards: 100 Experience & 3300 Copper _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: The City of Nilbog

To Start: Talk to Crank


1. Speak with Crank he asks you to go out and slay some Wolves and Trolls and to also light his camp fire for him.


2. Cranks campfire can be located just a few steps away from the city's entrance.


3. With the fire lit go out and slay some Wolves and Trolls the best spot for this is slightly South-West from The City of Nilbog cave entrance.


4. With the fire lit and the Wolves and Trolls slain return to Crank to finish the quest.