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Description: The support beams in the cave have been smashed to bits by nasty creatures and deadly rockfalls and that are about to fail. The miners can't fix it because the repair kit was dropped somewhere in the mine. They have sent three people out to look for it, but they have not returned in a long time and they fear the worst. The foreman has asked if if you would be willing to head into the cave to find the repair kit and fix the broken support beams for them. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Find the repair kit in the cave, Repair support beams 1 - 4.

Rewards: Cotton Vest, Quest Orb & 300 Experience. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Inside of Bluevale Cave

To Start: Talk to Foreman


1. Talk to the Foreman she will ask you to find the repair kit and to fix the support beams.


2. Head east into the second room of the caves the repair kit can be found there.


3. While repairing the support beams the blue bar must be filled 5 times for it to be completely fixed. "Support Beams" #3 & #4 can be found inside of the same room where the repair kit was found.


4. "Support Beams" #1 & #2 can be found in the first room of Bluevale Cave


5. Once you have repaired all four "Support Beams" return to the Foreman to complete the quest.