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Description: David has obviously taken note of your prowess when it comes to slime slaying and has once asked you to help Guinevere. They would like to be able to bury Guinevere's husband so he may rest in peace and have asked that you search the area for clues about where his remains might be. David says that Guinevere's husband was working at the North end of the sewer system. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Investigate Clues (3), Enter the slime lair & Slay: Engorged King Slime.

Rewards: 5500 Copper & 200 Experience ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Outside of the Church

To Start: Talk to David


1. Talk to David he asks that you head down to the sewers to Investigate Clues


2. Head west from the Church to reach the Sewer entrance which is right beside the bank.


3. Once inside the "Sewer System" head North until you reach this room. The clues are marked with "circles", the "Slime Lair" is marked with a "square".


4. Make your way through the "Slime Lair" until you come across "Engorged King Slime".

Hint: Use the spike traps to your advantage it makes killing him much quicker.

Engorged King Slime.png

5. Once you have slain the "Engorged King Slime", return to David to finish the quest.