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Description: Guinevere recently lost her husband to a slime in the sewers and is grieving. David believes that if you were to eradicate some of the slimy little devils it would make her feel better. He mentions that there is a variety of different slime's in the sewers and to be especially careful around the red ones as they have been dyed red from blood. You can find the entrance to the sewers next to the bank. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Slay: Gray Slime (10), Blue Slime (5), Green Slime (3) & Red Slime (2)

Rewards: 700 Copper & Serum of Health (10) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Outside of the Church

To Start: Talk to David


1. Talk to David he asks that you head down to the sewers to slay some slime's.


2. Starting at the Church head west until you come across the Sewer entrance which is right beside the bank


3. Enter the "Sewer System" and kill off the required amount of Slime's. Once you have done that return to David to complete the quest.