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Description: The well traveled man eyes you up and then notions for you to pull up a seat. He congratulates you on your success and makes a joke about your shoes being worn in. He proceeds to continue to tell you stories of his adventures. He tells you of his time in the sewers of Cauldron City batting rats and slime's, leaving Cauldron City and venturing to the North-East where he battled some trolls having a barbecue, nearly freezing to death atop a snow capped mountain where a giant frost troll slept and finally taking a ship and visiting the towns of Burr and Woodmore. he challenges you once again to follow in his footsteps and set you flag so people know of your adventuring prowess. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Unravel your flag (5)

Rewards: 100 Experience & 5500 Copper. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Inside of the Bar

To Start: Talk to Argomer


1. Speak with Argomer he once again challenges you to plant your flag, so people around the world know of your deeds.


2. Take the Player Boat to Burr and unravel your flag.


3. Take the Player Boat to Woodmore and set down your flag.


4. Take the Player Boat to Shamble and set down your flag. Shamble.jpg

5. Head into Cauldron Cities "Sewer System" and place your flag.


6. Head North of Cauldron City to a "Troll Camp" and lay your flag down for all to see.


7. Enter the Desolate Pass by going through this cave then take this exit to get atop the mountain and unravel your flag.


8. Return to Argomer to complete the quest.