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Description: To anyone brave enough and willing to put their life on the line for a bag of coin then this decree is for you. We are having troubles with some foul beasts living in a dungeon nearby. If someone were to eradicate all the occupants living within the aforementioned dungeon we would pay a handsome fee.


Monster Types: Troll, Wolf, Beetle, Bearded Dragon & Spider

Monster Level: 17+ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Clear dungeon of all monsters

Rewards: 800 Copper & 200 Experience ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: North of Cauldron City

To Start: Examine the Sign


1. Examine the Sign it is a deadly decree asking anyone brave enough to travel into the nearby dungeon and eradicate the foul beasts.


2. The entrance to the dungeon is just to the right of the Sign you examined.


3. Make your way through the dungeon and eradicate the dungeon of all it's inhabitants.


4. Return to the Sign you examined earlier to finish the quest.