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Description: To anyone brave enough and willing to put their life on the line for a bag of coin then this decree is for you. We are having troubles with some foul beasts living in a dungeon nearby. If someone were to eradicate all the occupants living within the aforementioned dungeon we would pay a handsome fee.


Monster Types: Skeleton, Rat & Bat

Monster Level: 20+ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Clear the dungeon of all monsters

Rewards: 1100 Copper & 200 Experience ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: East of the Bank

To Start: Examine the Sign


1. Examine the Sign and enter the Sewer System.


2. Head east, then take the first south turn you see. It should be a one way street from that point on heading west. keep heading west until you reach the "Dungeon Entrance".


3. Clear the dungeon of all its inhabitants.


4. Return to the Sign you examine earlier to complete the quest.