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Description: Erlend asks you if you are interested in helping him once again with the acquisition of a book or three. This time he wants you to head to Cauldron City and retrieve books from One Eye Jimmy, Delyse and Alina. The tree owe Erlend late fees for the books so your reward will be significantly steeper than the last book job. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Talk to: Delyse, One Eye Jimmy & Alina

Rewards: 3500 Copper & 125 Experience ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Inside of the Library

To Start: Talk to Erlend


1. Speak with Erlend he requests your help with another book job.


2. Head to The City of Cauldron which is to the South-East of ColdOak Village.

The city of cauldron.png

3. Speak with One Eye Jimmy he can be found in the alleyway beside the bar.


4. Speak with Delyse she can be found right outside of the bar.


5. Speak with Alina she can be found right above the bar.


6. Once you have spoke with all three of the people who had late fee's head into Cauldron City's Sewer System to locate the book.


7. Head east, then head north and continue to go north until you come across the picture below, go through the hole hiding behind the planks marked in the picture below.


8. You should now be in a "Dungeon Instance", make your way through the dungeon and enter the Boss room.


9. Search through the trash piles until you come across the book. Once you have collected the book return to Erlend to finish the quest.