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Description: Hunter Robert has been having issues with Ice Skeletons invading his camp at night time when hes trying to rest and he is fed up with it. He would like you to beat the Ice Skeletons until they're just a pile of bones and bring back some bones as proof. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Collect: Skeleton Bones (5)

Rewards: 3200 Copper & 100 Experience ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: The Desolate Iceland's

To Start: Talk to Hunter Robert


1. Speak with Hunter Robert he tells you that Ice Skeletons are attacking him during the night and he has requested your help.


2. Ice Skeletons are located all around Hunter Robert for example in the picture below there are 4 Skeletons more can be found to the east/west/south I prefer to slay the Skeletons located near the tent since you can keep using the tent to heal yourself.


3. Once you have collected 5 Skeleton Bones return to Hunter Robert to finish the quest.