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Description: It seems that the hermit that lives in the mountains has been having issues with slime's coming to his home and consuming everything in sight. Because of this he was no more winter stores and if he purchases more from town the same thing will just happen again. He would like you to squish these slimy little devils and then pick up some supplies from the general store for him in Winterfront Village. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Collect: Winter Supplies (1)

Rewards: 400 Copper, 100 Experience & Serum of Health (2) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Far west of the Inn

To Start: Talk to the Hermit


1. Speak with the Hermit he tells you he is having slime problems and needs your help.


2. Exit the Hermit's house and you will be ambushed by a horde of slime's.


3. Once you have dealt with the slime's make your way to Winterfront Villages Item Shop and buy the supplies from Jason.


4. Return to the Hermit and hand him his supplies to finish the quest.