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Description: Now that you have your new weapon I bet you would like to test it out. There's some nasty little critters in the park to the West of here. Something needs to be done about them as they're attacking people who want to go out for leisurely walks in that area. We're not exactly sure how they're getting in there, but I can only assume they're climbing the walls. I hope this critter problem doesn't turn into an epidemic. Return here when you are done for a reward. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Slay: Beetle (5), Spider (5)

Rewards: Experience: 25 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Inside of the Weapon Shop.

To Start: Talk to Folmar.


1. Once you finish talking to Folmar. Equip your weapon and exit the Weapon Shop.

2. Once out of the Weapon Shop head west until you reach Bluevale Park.

3. Once you have reached Bluevale Park. Slay the required number of Beetles and Spiders.

Bluevale Park.png

4. Now that you have killed 5 of each Beetles and Spiders. Head east back towards the Weapon Shop and talk to Folmar to complete the quest.