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Description: You have met a distressed spectre in the graveyard. He mentions that he was stabbed in the back by his bandit comrades figuratively and literally because they wanted his treasure hoard. He has sworn that he will not move from this world until he gets his revenge on these dastardly, despicable, backstabbing, traitorous chicken livered festering blob-fish's. You must slay Bandits or Strongarm Bandits until you come across three Bandit keys that will be needed to open a secret passage to the treasure room where you must defeat the Bandit Boss Grim who keeps watch over the treasure at all times. Once you have defeated the Bandit Boss retrieve the Bandit stash and return to the Spectre so he can move on from this world. The secret cave is located at a bandit camp to the north inside a cave. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Collect: Bandit Key (3), Slay: Bandit Boss Grim & Collect: Bandit Stash

Rewards: 200 Copper & 300 Experience _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: The Graveyard

To Start: Talk to the Spectre


1. Talk with the Spectre he tells you of a secret passage to the treasure room where you must defeat the Bandit Boss Grim


2.Starting at the graveyard head north towards a cave, inside of the cave will be the "Dungeon Entrance" and Bandits so you can collect three keys.


3. Kill the Bandits until you collect three keys then enter the dungeon.


4. Complete the dungeon by killing all the monster "Or by running past them", then kill Bandit Boss Grim


5. Once you have slain Grim and collected the "Bandit Stash" return to the Spectre to complete the quest.