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Description: Tolk has asked you to find Tar, Stronk and Reek to let them know to be on the lookout for more boots and chest plates. It would seem that their supplies are running low. The Goblins obviously stole the wares they are now selling from the dead. They would be happy to see you die, just so they can take your boots. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Talk to: Tar, Stronk & Reek

Rewards: 50 Experience & 1600 Copper _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: The City of Nilbog

To Start: Speak with Tolk


1. Speak with Tolk he asks that you speak with his co-workers to tell them they are running low on "supplies"


2. Head north past the weapon shop and you will find Tar and Stronk.


3. To find Reek head east past the item shop.


4. Return to Tolk to finish the quest.