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Description: The Foreman can sense something bad stirring in the cave and wants to be prepared for the worst case scenario. She has asked that you go and retrieve the tools and materials needed to upgrade their barricades to better fortify the cave entrance. The tools and materials are scattered around the cave. Once you have the tools and materials you should upgrade the barricades. The Fore also suggests that you prepare for an inevitable attack as the cave critters are constantly getting more aggressive. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Get the supplies & Defend the entrance.

Rewards: Quest Orb, Potion of Health(10), 70 Copper & 200 Experience. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Inside of Bluevale Cave

To Start: Talk to Foreman


1. Talk to the Foreman she will ask that you retrieve the tools and materials needed to upgrade their barricades


2. Head east and enter the second room of the cave.


3. Take the south path, to find the first of the three supply chests. Now return to the second room by going north.

Securing cave 1.png

4. Take the east path to find the second of the supply chests.

Securing cave2.png

5. Head north to find the third supply chest.

Securing cave3.png

6. Now return to where the Foreman is and upgrade the nearby barrier. After that fight off the horde of rats and bats.

Securing cave4.png

7. Talk to the Foreman to complete the quest.