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Description: Oh! My savior! My lily-white chevalier! You've come to save me, an artist in distress! what nobler calling could there be? My masterpiece, the work of a hundred moons and a thousand fevered dreams, has vanished! Please, search the inn, it must be here. There must be some clues around town to find my masterpiece! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Find 4 Clues, Find the Thief, Collect: Leonardo's Masterpiece.

Rewards: 10 Copper & 50 Experience. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Inside of the Inn

To Start: Talk to Leonardo


1. Talk to Leonardo, he will inform you that someone has stolen his painting and asks for your help in getting it back.


2. Follow the clues the first one is found inside of the Inn


3. The second clue tells you to head south, so just go down as far as you can.


4. Now you've gone down as far as you can so turn east, towards the docks where you will find the last clue.


5. The painting can be found inside of the house that is sitting on the docks once inside you can't leave until you defeat him so make sure you're ready for a fight.


6. Once you have defeated the thief and retrieved the painting return to Leonardo to complete the quest.