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Description: You are told that you should try your hand at crafting and to create an item to see if you are any good at it and that you will be rewarded for trying crafting out. Later on crafting might be useful for making your own furniture for your home, weapons for battling with and other useful thing. You can process and craft all your materials at the Lumber Mill just North of Cauldron City and any Blacksmith around the world. You can harvest wood and plants from around the world. You can mine for ores and coal in most cave systems __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Craft an item

Rewards: Experience: 200, Give item: Coal (10) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Points: This quest can be found in any towns Armor Shop

To Start: Speak with the Blacksmith within the Armor Shop


  • Note: For this guide we will be using the town of Bluevale and it's surroundings.

1. Head towards the Armor Shop which is located in the center of town.


2. Speak with the Blacksmith his name is Odin. You have now started the quest.


3 We are going to craft some Iron Ingot for this we need Iron Ore and Coal. Both of these can be found inside of most caves. For this guide we are using Winter Front mines.

WM sign.png

4. Once inside of the mines head North until you come across a cave entrance enter it and some Ore/coal can be found there.


5. Return to the Armor shop of your choice. Remember we're using Bluevale's Armor Shop Once there use the crafting machine that looks like a pot of lava and craft your Iron ingots.

Learning the craft.png

6. Speak to the Blacksmith to finish the quest in this case Odin