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Description: Mayor Donnoville has instructed you to head to the docks and take a row boat to a new settlement on a nearby island. Once you reach the island you will need to purchase a home for yourself. The mayor wishes to help out the settlement as it will enable more trade routes and job opportunities. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Go to the housing island, Buy a house.

Rewards: Wooden Floor Block (80) & Wooden Wall Block (80) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Inside of the Mayor's Office

To Start: Talk to Mayor Donnoville


1. Talk to Mayor Donnoville He will tell you about a new settlement and that you should purchase a home there.

Mayor Donnoville.png

2. To reach the new settlement head to Bluevale "East Dock" there you will see a boat.


3. Once there you need to find a vacant house, buy it by clicking on the mail box. "you will need 3000 gold to buy a house"


4. Speak with Kulf or Krulf to complete the quest.

Player town Kulf.png