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Description: Crystal has heard rumors of some hidden chests scattered around Bluevale, but has never found any of them. We should put all those years of playing Hide'N Seek as a child to use and find them all. Perhaps some of the other people in town might have some clues to the treasure chests whereabouts. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Find a hidden chest (5)

Rewards: 350 Experience _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Outside of Bluevale Cave

To Start: Talk to Crystal.


1. Talk to Crystal She will tell you of rumors about hidden chests hiding around town.

2. One of these chests can be found in Bluevale Park hiding behind some trees.

Chest 1.png

3. Another chest can be found in Gordan's room. To enter his room simply take the door beside the Gambler NPC located here and head north until you reach Gordan.

Chest 2.png

4. You can find one of the chests inside of the Item Shop.

Chest 3.png

5. Another chest can be found inside of the Bluevale Cave. Head east into the second room of the caves, after that take the north path and simply keep heading north until you find the chest.

Chest 4.png

6. This next chest can be found on top of the mountains, to get on top of the mountains you must go through Bluevale Cave enter the second room of the caves and take the south path. Then take this cave entrance here. Once on top of the mountains head south-east until you find the tent in the picture below the chest will be behind the red tree.

Chest 5.png

7. Once you have found all 5 chests talk to Crystal to complete the quest.