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Description: Well met friend. I'm in need of some ingredients for my potion brewing and I'm far too busy at the moment to head out and retrieve the ingredients myself. Perhaps you could acquire some "Beetle Blood" and "Spider Venom" for me in return I could brew you a special potion. You would be doing me a huge favour and it would get June off my back about not having ingredients in stock. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Collect: Beetle Blood (5) & Spider Venom (5).

Rewards: Potion of Health (10) & 20 copper.


Start Point: Inside of the Item Shop.

To Start: Talk to the Shop Keeper.


1. Talk to the Shop Keeper inside of the Item Shop. He will inform you that he is in need of ingredients and asks if you would collect them for him.


2. Exit the Item Shop and head west until you reach Bluevale Park. Once there you must kill Spiders for them to drop "Spider Venom" and Beetles for them to drop "Beetle Blood".

Bluevale Park.png

3. Once you have collected 5 of each "Spider Venom" & "Beetle Blood" head east back towards the Item Shop and talk to the Shop Keeper to complete the quest.