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Description: I am so tired of losing to Earnie at rock, paper, scissors! I am determined that he is cheating somehow. Maybe he is psychic? or a hypnotist and he's making me pull the wrong hand signs Bah, if someone could put him in his place I would be so grateful and just to clarify I don't mean kill him. That would be a little excessive. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Win 3 games against Earnie.

Rewards: Experience: 25 & 5 copper. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Right outside of the Armor Shop.

To Start: Talk to Marie.


1. Talk to Marie who stands right outside of the Armor Shop She will explain how she is tired of losing to Earnie and wants you to beat him in Rock, Paper, Scissors.


2. Talk to Earnie and challenge him to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Don't worry if you lose you don't have to beat him 3 times in a row just 3 times.

3. Once you have successfully beat Earnie 3 times, talk to Marie to complete the quest.