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Description: Katrina has asked you to acquire some "Frost Wolf" pelts as she is creating a very special coat for one of the pretentious lords in the area. She says that they're extremely dangerous and vicious creatures and are not to be taken lightly. You will be able to find the Frost Wolves in the North around the outskirts of Cold Oak village. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Slay: Frost Wolf (5)

Rewards: 5500 Copper & 100 Experience ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Inside of Katrina's House

To Start: Talk to Katrina


1. Talk to Katrina she tells you to head North towards Cold Oak village.


2. Head to Wintefront mines, remember it's west of the Inn. Once inside of the mines head north until you find this cave entrance.

FW cave.png

3. Follow the path outside, once outside start heading north-west.

Fw cave2.png

4. Continue to go north-west until you come across these stairs which lead you to Cold Oak village.

CO stairs.png

5. Slay the required number of Frost Wolves then return to Katrina to complete the quest.

FW fight.png