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Description: Hunter Robert has mentioned that some explorers perished to the North of here quite a while ago in a great snow storm when they were in search of an ancient ruin. He has been unable to recover the bodies or even their personal possessions to return to their loved ones. He asks that you investigate their corpses and return any items you have found to him and if any of the corpses have reanimated that you lay them back to rest. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Investigate the explorers corpses & Slay: Ice Skeleton (3)

Rewards: 2400 Copper & 75 Experience ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: The Desolate Iceland's

To Start: Talk to Hunter Robert


1. Speak with Hunter Robert he ask that you look for the dead explorers corpses.


2. Head North/North-West up the stairs and you will come across the first corpse.


3. Another two corpses can be found just North of the first corpse.

Coldbones2.png Coldbones5.png

4. The last corpse can be found to the East of the first corpse.


5. Slay 3 Ice Skeletons and return to Hunter Robert to finish the quest.