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Description: These monsters are really giving us a hard time and are stopping us from progressing through the cave. I have never seen such an aggressive bunch of pests before in all my time as a miner. Perhaps if you could remove a few of them from the cave it might be much easier going for us __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Slay Bat (5) & Rat (5)

Rewards: Cotton Leggings, Quest Orb, 10 Copper & 25 experience. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Inside of Bluevale Cave

To Start: Talk to the Miner


1. Talk to the Miner he will ask for your help in exterminating some of the rats and bats.


2. Exterminate the requested amount of rats and bats.

Clear the cave.png

3. Talk to the Miner to complete the quest.