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Description: Joseph beckons you over to him. He looks extremely nervous hiding behind a barrel. He mentions that a nasty little critter has ran off with his pants. He doesn't say how the critter managed to get a hold of his pants, but never the less you should help him. He mentioned that it ran off towards the center of town. Maybe one of the townsfolk have seen the pants laying around somewhere. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Find Joseph's Pants, Talk to Merlin, Gordan and Terran.

Rewards: 100 copper & 50 Experience ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: West of the Bank.

To Start: Talk to Joseph.


1. Talk to Joseph who is located west from the Bank. The game will randomly assigned the pants to one of the characters.


2. Head to the center of town and enter the Bar to talk to Terran.


3. To find Merlin, start at the Inn and head east the first house you see Merlin should be inside.


4. Gordan can be found north of the Bar. The door that leads you to Gordan is beside the Gambler NPC located here enter the door and keep heading north until to reach Gordan's room.


5. Once you have found Joseph's pants. Head back to him to complete the quest.