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Description: Beatrix is Cauldron cities busybody, nosey nelly and all around meddler. She has asked that you snoop around the city and speak to some of the locals to find out all the gossip. She will be willing to pay you for your efforts. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Talk to: Emerick, Art, Gregory, Delyse & Grey Beard

Rewards: 300 Copper & 25 Experience ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Inside of the Church

To Start: Talk to Beatrix


1. Talk to Beatrix, she will give you a list of names of people to talk to.


2. Starting with Emerick he can be found right beside Beatrix inside of the Church.


3. Going with Art next, he can be found south of the Church.


4. Delyse can be found outside of the bar.


5. Grey Beard can be found inside of the bar.


6. Gregory is located on the docks, start at the bar and head south you should find him there.


7. Once you have found and talk to all 5 of the people on the list, return to Beatrix to finish the quest.