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Description: After speaking with the Barkeep about the tome you decide you will head to Cauldron City and see if anyone at the Alchemy Hall can decipher the tome. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Inquire about "Undead Tome" in the Cauldron City Alchemy Hall

Rewards: 50 Experience ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: Winterfront Bar

To Start: Talk to the Bartender


1. Talk to the Bartender he suggests that you head to Cauldron City.


2. Exit Winterfront Village and head south until you come across this house.


3. Now head east across the "bridge" once you have cross the bridge start heading north and you should come across the city.

The city of cauldron.png

4. Once inside the city head north until you come across the Alchemy Hall.


5. Once inside of the building take the door on the left and talk to Irvine


6. Exit the Alchemy Hall and head south until you come across the "Sewer System" entrance.


7. Once inside of the "Sewer System" head east, followed by north. Then head west and you should find the "Old Library" entrance.


8. Now that you are in the "Old Library" head north until you come across the chest containing the "Cipher".


9. Now that you have collected the "Cipher" return to the Alchemy Hall and talk with Irvine to complete the quest.