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Description: After retrieving Petey's items he notices that his ledger is missing. Which puts him up the creek without a paddle and in a rickety old boat. Seeing as the ledger was not at the troll camp it must mean it is at another hideout. He says that their hideout might be in the caves to the East of the camp. Petey is willing to pay you once again for your services in the matter. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objectives: Enter the nasty Troll hole, Collect the ledger & Slay: Scrog the Stinking

Rewards: 1100 Copper & 150 Experience ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Start Point: The outskirts of Cauldron City

To Start: Talk to Petey


1. Speak with Petey he tells you his ledger is missing and that it may be East of the Troll Camp you were at earlier.


2. Head North-East from Petey to the Troll Camp then continue heading east from there. Until you come across the cave entrance.


3. Enter the Dungeon by going through the "well", make your way through the dungeon until you come across the boss room.

Hint: Use the traps to kill the mobs faster.


4. Once you have defeated Scrog the Stinking he will drop the ledger, pick it up and return to Petey to finish the quest.