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Monsters are a great deal in this game, they help you level up, do quests, complete raids, or are there just to get in your way. There are man different monsters in the game for example the Troll, Wolf, Beetle, and many more!


(All of the starting creatures have no special abilities)

Spiders and Beetles and Bearded Dragons[]

These enemy types you encounter early on in the games but as you go out of the main city they become tougher to kill. They have basic attacks and they have no special abilities they can cast. The Variants to the spider are the Red Back and the Dust Spider. The Beetle's is the Blood Beetle and the Dust Beetle and also the Frost Beetle. The Variant for the bearded dragon is called the Fiery Bearded Dragon.

Bats and Rats[]

Also like the Spiders and Beetles you encounter these very early on and again they have basic attacks. The bat has no variation, but the rat is also a Mangy Rat found in certain dungeons and raids. These animals accrue mostly in caves and "indoor" areas.


Bandits are a hard fight for the newbie, but they act like all other enemies. They do have different variants like the Strong-Arm Bandits. All strong-arm enemies have increased health and do a little more damage to you. One ability they have is to aggro others when they say "!" and other mobs will respond with "!!!". Other starter monsters with the same ability are wolves.


Trolls are the most powerful of the starting creatures. They do appear almost every where but as you get farther from the main town. (Bluevale) Trolls are the a part of some main quests and are tough when starting out. They come in many different variants, from Strong-Arm Trolls to Strong Arm Ice Trolls.