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"Medics are usually used for healing, but they still need to defend themselves. Their knowledge of human anatomy makes them a deadly foe to content with."


Medic is one of three classes players may choose from when creating a new character. The medic is primarily meant to play a supporting role but plays should find solo play to be very doable with every class.

Medics start with the skill Chemical Waste, and at later levels have the ability to heal, revive other players and even resurrect monsters to fight along side them.

An example of the level requirement penalty for Medics

Medics suffer a slight level restriction to medium and heavy sized armor. A medic will need to be three (3) levels above the required level to equip Medium sized armor and five (5) levels above the required level to equip Heavy sized armor.


The Medic class learns many skills focused on healing and party support but has a few damaging abilities as well. Leveling up these skills will increase damage, duration, amount healed and decrease cool down times.

Level Name Cooldown Effect at skill level 1
Level 1 Chemical Waste 10 Seconds 175% Weapon damage with a 20% chance to apply a 10 DPS DoT that spreads to nearby enemies.
Level 3 Adrenalin N/A Passive After you critically heal 50 times you can target yourself or an ally to refresh their cooldowns immediatly.
Level 5 Heal Tonic 5 Seconds Heal yourself or your target for 20% of your current health, if you are below 15% health this will heal 300% more.
Level 10 Barrier 60 Seconds Cast a barrier around yourself or your target for 10 seconds to absorb 5% of incoming damage and reflect 10% damage back on the attacker.
Level 12 Critical Heals N/A Passive Heals have a 5% chance to critically heal. When they do they also apply a 20 hp recovery effect over 6 seconds.
Level 14 Jump Start 120 Seconds Bring your target back to life, reviving them with 10 HP and resting all their cooldowns.
level 18 Re-Animate 5 Minutes Cast near a fallen monster to bring it back to life to fight along side you for 60 seconds.
Level 20 Steroids N/A Passive Whenever you heal a target you have a 5% chance of increasing their dodge by 5% for 15 seconds.
Level 22 Rest 120 Seconds Replenish your parties health by 2% per second and decrease their cooldown timers by half a second per second.
Level 26 Group Tonic 2 Minutes Heal all friendly targets with in 5 tiles for 5% health ever 3 seconds for 15 seconds. You may not move while the ability is active.
Level 50 Concentration 20 Seconds Apply a DoT on your target for 400 DPS over 30 seconds. Damage increases as more time passes.