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A 'World Repo' is an archive of regions, item and script stored under the git version control system. Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with this since the map editor will take care of fetching and updating the repo. The important thing to remember is that any changes you make are published and automatically shared with others that are working on your World Repo. You must however be careful not to edit the same files at the same time. Every time you restart the edit you will receive changes made by others. When you start an FTO Server it will automatically fetch the latest changes from your World Repo.

Creating a world repo[]

To create your world repo you must 'fork' from the sample world repo. 'Forking' is git lingo that just means that you're making a separate copy of the repo that you will own and edit. Any changes made to your fork wont affect the original repo but will be visible to anyone working off your repo.

1. Create an account at Make sure to keep your account name and password handy since the editor will require it.

  • Advanced users: Feel free to use any git hosts that they want, such as github, however we prefer that you stick with gitlab since it's easier to track community forks if everything is in gitlab.

2. Visit the sample World Repo.

  • Select the fork button
  • Select your user
  • Wait 10-30 seconds for the repo to be forked.


3. Note the HTTPS URL of the repo. It should end in .git:

Screenshot 2016-03-25 19.24.30.png

Changing your repo[]

Once you've created a repo (or had someone else grant your account access), you may now set your repo. With the correct account credential you will now have write access to the server.

  • Open the map editor
  • In the top menu: File -> Change World
  • Enter your URL and your gitlab account name and password.
  • Hit change. Wait for the editor to restart with the new world repo.


Adding Contributors[]

You can control who has access to edit in your repo. Instruct them to create a gitlab account. Once they have done so you may authorize them to make edits to your World Repo.