Fantasy Tales Online Wiki

Buffs are special bonuses that enable players to have a higher level of Strength, Defense, Luck, Gold Find, Magic Find, and Movement Speed for a certain duration of time. Buffs can be activated by usage of the Buff Potion, or can be activated in a Shrine in a dungeon.

Normal Buffs[]

Normal Buffs are activated by a potion. (Except the Luck Buff, which can be enabled by Potion and Shrine)

-Strength Buff

-Defense Buff

-Luck Buff (Also known as Magic Find Buff)

Special Buffs[]

Special Buffs can only be activated by a Shrine in a Dungeon.

-Gold Find Buff

-Magic Find Buff

-Movement Speed Buff

Negative Buffs[]

There are some monsters in the game, such as the Ghoul and Slime monsters, that trigger a buff that disadvantages the player.