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"Masters of the cloak and dagger. They wait in the shadows looking for a chance to apply their hit and run methods. Hardly ever seen by their victims."


Assassin is one of three Classes a player may choose from when creating a new character. It is a class focused on dealing out as much damage as possible. They can unlock the unique ability to whiled two one-handed weapons at once.

An example of the level requirement penalty on a piece of (Heavy) armor.

Assassin's suffer a slight level requirement penalty when equipping (Heavy) sized gear. An assassin must be 3 levels above the requirement to equip (Heavy) armor.

Assassins start with the skill Backstab.


The Assassin class learns many skills focused on maximizing damage per second and avoiding monster aggression. Leveling up these skills will increase damage and duration and decrease cool down times.

Level Name Cooldown Effect at skill level 1
Level 1 Backstab 5 Seconds 120% Weapon damage, if hidden 320% weapon damage.
Level 3 Poison Tips N/A Passive Chance for attacks to apply a 20% damage DoT
Level 5 Stealth 60 Seconds Used before battle, Allows you to sneak up on an enemy and causes your first hit to deal 100% more damage.
Level 10 Dagger Rain 2 Minutes Attacks with 4 volleys of daggers dealing 110% DPS in an AoE.
Level 12 Critical Strikes N/A Passive Increases your chance to deal a critical strike by 1.5%
Level 14 Grappling Hook 40 Seconds Throw a hook at a target up to 20 tiles away and pull them toward you causing 110% DPS and stunning it for 1 second.
Level 18 Dual Whiled N/A Passive Allows you to equip 2 one handed weapons. The second weapon is equipped in the shield slot for 50% of its damage.
Level 20 Quick Reflexes N/A Passive 0.5% chance to reset all your cooldown timers.
Level 22 Smoke Screen 60 Seconds Throw a smoke bomb at yourself or your target causing them to loose agro.
Level 26 Disarm Trap N/A Passive You have a 10% chance to disarm traps when you walk near them.
Level 34 Finisher 60 Seconds After you land a critical strike 50 times, you can kill any enemy that is below 30% health. (Will not work on Bosses)
Level 45 Flash Step 30 Seconds Increases dodge chance and movement speed by 5% for 10 seconds.